OASIS invites participation in Telecom Member Section

OASIS invites members to participate in the OASIS Telecommunications Services (Telecom) Member Section. The group plans to form and provide oversight for a variety of affiliated OASIS committees, which will work to:

  • evangelize the use of SOA in telecommunications;
  • define an SOA Reference Model for telecommunications;
  • optimize the Web services stack for use by the telecommunications industry;
  • develop common data models; and
  • design schemas to allow identity-based services across networks and applications.

OASIS Member organizations are invited to become Supporting Entities of the Telecom Member Section by having their Primary Representative notify member-services@oasis-open.org. There is no additional cost to be a Supporting Entity of OASIS Telecom and no dues allocations will be made for this Member Section. Organizations that affiliate with OASIS Telecom will be eligible to vote in future Member Section Steering Committee elections and will be recognized on the Member Section web site.

Any OASIS member may subscribe to the OASIS Telecom Member Section mailing list by notifying member-services@oasis-open.org. Employees of Supporting Entities will be subscribed as full Members (able to post to the list); employees of organizations that are not Supporting Entities will be subscribed as Observers (able to receive messages but not post to the list).

See the complete announcement.