The OASIS Telecommunications Services Member Section (OASIS Telecom) was formed in April 2008 and closed in June 2010. The Member Section worked to resolve specific telecommunications-related issues within the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework.

Press coverage of OASIS Telecom:

OASIS Tunes SOA for Telecoms
Many of the worlds largest SOA players are collaborating on an initiative to optimize Services-Oriented Architecture for the telecommunications industry.
Integration Developers News, 2008-05-06

OASIS Preps SOA for Telecoms
As the group looks to target SOA at verticals, HP delivers new SOA tools.
eWeek, 2008-04-29

Nortel emphasizes merging of IT, communications
Executive discusses trends of communication-enabled apps at the OASIS Standards 2008 conference
InfoWorld, 2008-04-29

OASIS Forms Telecommunications Services Member Section (OASIS Telecom)
The OASIS open standards consortium today announced a new initiative
aimed at bringing the full advantages of Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) to the telecommunications industry.
Cover Pages, 2008-04-28

OASIS Launches New Group to Optimize SOA for Telecommunications
BEA, IBM, Primeton, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, CA, Microsoft, NEC, Nortel, Oracle, Progress Software, Verisign, and Others Collaborate to Resolve Telecommunications Issues Within the SOA Framework
OASIS, 2008-04-28