Revision of Rules of Procedure from Mon, 2008-05-12 11:10

  • Status: Current
  • Approval date: 8 February 2008


1. The Name of the Member Section


The name of the Member Section shall be the OASIS Telecommunications Services Member Section (TMS or Telecom MS).

2. The Member Section Statement of Work

The TMS facilitates the development of telecommunications SOA based services as described in the Member Section’s Work Plan, over an extended period of time requiring the coordination of multiple Technical Committees (TCs) and various adoption and marketing activities it may choose to undertake.

The TMS will support the process of gathering requirements, developing specifications, coordinating the work of its affiliated Technical Committees, and provide the governance structure to accept and manage funds to serve its work. As standards in this area mature, the Member Section may also support adoption and implementation efforts including development of test cases, testing procedures, and interoperability testing and demonstrations.

The initial focus of the work will be the development of a Telecom SOA Gap analysis of the suitability of current WS* and other specification to meet the real-time, scalability, reliability and security
requirements of the Telecommunication industry. Technical work products created and approved by TMS TCs shall be referred to as “TMS Technical Committee specifications.”

3. The Rules for Electing Steering Committee Members

The SC shall consist of seven (7) members with two-year terms, staggered so that four (4) expire one year and the other three (3) expire the next.

A Member Section Supporting Entity may not be represented by more than one Steering Committee Member. A maximum of one Member Section Member per unique Member Section Supporting Entity may run for election. In the event of a job change, merger, or acquisition which results in two Steering Committee Members representing one Member Section Supporting Entity, one of the Steering
Committee Members shall immediately resign.

Each Member Section Supporting Entity shall be entitled to have one Member Section Qualified Elector. The Member Section Qualified Elector shall be the Supporting Entity's Primary or other Member Section Member of said Supporting Entity as designated by the Primary Representative.

4. Initial Makeup of Member Section Steering Committee

The initial Steering Committee shall consist of one member from each of Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Nortel, and Oracle, each having an initial term of two years, and one member from each of BEA, Microsoft, and NEC, each having an initial term of one year.

Within 30 days of the date of establishment of the TMS, each named organization shall appoint a single individual from that organization to be a member of the Steering Committee. All Steering Committee positions are held by individuals and are considered elected seats, such that any vacancy is filled by elections as prescribed in the Member Section Policy.

5. Process for Changing the Number of Steering Committee Members

The initial number of SC members shall be seven (7). The number of SC members may be amended only by the unanimous approval of every SC Member.

6. Funding Model for the Member Section

There shall not be any dues allocation by OASIS Members associated with this Member Section. The Steering Committee may choose to take advantage of other funding mechanisms (such as general sponsorships, grants, etc.) as provided by the Member Section Policy to support marketing, testing, and interoperability activities.

7. Provisions that Apply to Affiliated Technical Committees

All Technical Committees affiliated with this Member Section that have normative specifications as their deliverables shall have Charters that require them to:

  • Develop a Test Plan, Test Cases and Scenarios, for each such normative specification before finalizing those specifications;
  • Closely coordinate with other TCs in the Member Section to ensure that related specifications are consistent and can be used with each other;
  • Define concrete exit criteria that shall include at least two independent offerings that implement and are compliant with the all normative portions of specifications and demonstrate interoperability and portability as appropriate. Note that these are minimums and that TCs are free to set more stringent criteria.

8. Other Provisions

The TMS SC will maintain a Work Plan document that provides details of current and contemplated work. The Work Plan document may be modified by a Special Majority vote of the TMS SC.

The TMS SC will be responsible for ensuring that the work of its affiliated Technical Committees is coordinated and that the work output maintains coherence by careful evaluation of Charter proposal, TC affiliation, and requests to advance to OASIS specification.

Only TMS Technical Committee Specifications approved by a Special Majority vote of the TMS SC will be put before the OASIS general membership for consideration as OASIS Standards.

Only TMS Technical Committee Specifications approved by a Special Majority vote of the TMS SC may be submitted to another organization in accordance with the OASIS Liaison Policy.

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