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Foundational Sponsors

BEA Systems provides the application and service middleware that allows companies to efficiently build out their applications and communications services. BEA focuses on leading the next-generation of OSS/BSS systems, as well as helping service providers evolve to a unified, open and flexible services layer infrastructure. BEA and its WebLogic®, Tuxedo® and AquaLogic® brands are among the most trusted names in telecommunications.

Primeton is a leading provider of component-oriented software development and operations platforms that help customers drastically cut down project time and greatly improve system reliability. Major banks, telecom operators and equipment suppliers, and government agencies in China and around the world are using Primeton products to gain business agility in rapidly changing business and regulatory environments. The latest Primeton product release will help businesses build SOA solutions that support SCA/SDO standards.

Microsoft Corporation
NEC Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Progress Software