The Telecom Member Section (MS) Announces the OASIS SOA for Telecom Technical Committee

The OASIS Telecom MS is pleased to announce the formation of the SOA for Telecommunications TC. All interested parties are invited to participate in the new OASIS SOA-Tel Technical Committee. This group will work to identify gaps in standards coverage for using SOA techniques in a telecom environment. The SOA-Tel TC will operate under the RAND mode of the OASIS IPR Policy. The TC intends to affiliate with the OASIS Telecom Member Section. TC proposers include representatives of Microsoft, Avaya, BT, HP, Nortel, Telecom Italia, NEC, and others. Abbie Barbir of Nortel is the convener; a TC chair or two co-chairs will be elected at the first meeting, which will be held 13-15 Jan at Nortel's offices in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.