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OASIS hosts several mailing lists to support the work of the Telecom Member Section. Use of these lists is governed by the OASIS Mailing List Guidelines and Procedures.

Member Section participants list
( enables all those involved in OASIS Telecom to discuss issues relevant to the mission of the group. This list
is also used by the Steering Committee and OASIS staff for
announcements on meetings, elections, and other news. Archives
are publicly accessible. Subscription and posting privileges are
reserved for OASIS Telecom participants, who are automatically subscribed to
this list when they join the Member Section.

Steering Committee list (
provides a means for members to offer suggestions and feedback to the OASIS Telecom Member Section's governing body. Subscription privileges are reserved for Steering Committee members only, however, any OASIS member may post messages to this list and view the archives.

Technical Committee lists are used by OASIS members to advance and document technical work. Archives for OASIS Telecom affiliated Committees
are publicly accessible. Subscription privileges are reserved for
Technical Committee members (including Observers), who are
automatically subscribed when they join the Committee. Only Members and Voting Members of each Committee may post to its list.

Comment lists allow non-members to provide feedback to specific OASIS Telecom affiliated Technical Committees. Archives are publicly accessible. Anyone may subscribe and post, provided they agree to the terms of the OASIS Feedback License. See the "Send a comment" link on each Committee's homepage for details.

Members and non-members are invited to use the Contact form on this site for direct inquiries.