What does SOA offer telecommunications?

Telecommunications providers and operators share a common vision for
implementing services. This vision is based on the realization of a
horizontal service platform that supports network enablers and shared
services that can be used to compose new services in a timely manner.
In essence, what is needed is a service capable platform that provides
a form of integration space for communications-centric services with IT
application level services by allowing communications and IT developers
to view services the same way.

The advent of next generation networks, Service-Oriented Architecture
(SOA), Web services and Business Process Modeling (BPM) provides a
technological opportunity for modern telecommunications carriers for
developing intelligent, network-based services through the use of
intelligent, integration middleware. SOA, which was devised to solve
business problems associated with intra- and inter-company cooperation,
is renewing the promise of simplifying telecommunications service
combination and orchestration.